Prompt #1: The Invisible House


Prompt: The entire neighborhood is beige and gray, but at the end of the street sits a bright blue house. Who lives there?

   Today is the day I am going to go to the invisible house. I’m walking up the front steps, ringing the door bell, asking the residence why their house is not beige or gray and not leaving until I get a reasonable explanation. A few weeks ago when it was late at night and all the neighborhood lights were turned off and everyone had gone to bed, I stayed up. Wondering about the invisible house. My train of thought was disrupted by a car driving down the street and stopping in front of the house. A dark figure climbed out, went into the house, and the car drove away as if it never happened. I was the only one to see it. I have to know why. I have to understand why. Who got out of the car? Why is their house different from mine? Different from all the houses? Different from everything?

          I have always noticed it wasn’t that same color as the others. All the houses in our neighborhood are the same; same design, same structure, same amount of property. The only difference is that each house is a gray or beige. But this house stands out. It isn’t beige or gray. It is invisible. It always has been to me. When I first asked my parents what color is was my mother laughed nervously, “Oh, Sampson. Are you having a hard time learning your colors and shades in school?” That cost me an extra two weeks of after school tutoring. I never asked my parents again after that. It’s not that I didn’t know my colors and shades. It’s that I didn’t know that color or shade.

          No one ever seemed to know what I was talking about. I would ask my friends while playing in our street, “What color is that house on the end?” They would laugh. “Come on, Sam. It’s beige. Like every other house. Literally,” Jake, my best friend, would answer. “No, it’s dark gray,” someone else would reply. They would bicker about it for a few minutes and then quickly forget as we continued playing our games. But I wouldn’t forget. They saw it as beige or gray. But to me it was invisible. As long as I knew, I was the only one who could see it. Moving up through school, we are only taught a few colors and their shades. Beige, gray, brown, white, and black. Never the invisible.

          I’ve studied the house while growing up. Other than it colored invisible, I’ve never seen anyone actually live in the house. At night, no lights are turned on and during the day no windows are open. There’s always been rumors going around school about the house.

“I heard that the people that live there have a terrible disease and it’s so contagious that the government doesn’t even mess with them. They send them care packages once a month.”

          I’ve already figured out that the rumors aren’t true since the house never gets mail or visitors. Except for that one night. I don’t ask anybody any questions about the house anymore. I might come off a bit obsessive and I don’t want to seem more weird that I already am. Why is it bad to be so curious about something that is so peculiar?

          Today, I get to feed my curiosity. I can’t sit around and wonder any longer now that I know someone lives there. It’s 1:30 P.M. All students from the Higher Adolescent Education Classes are being released and it gives me enough time to go to the invisible house, get my answers, and be back in time for dinner without my parents asking anything out of the ordinary dinner questions.

          I don’t even stop by my house to drop off my things while walking home from school. I’m too determined. Excited. Nervous. I make a quick glance at my mailbox. “House #487 – Reevus.” I look ahead. The invisible house is easily seen from my yard. At least it is to me. Sand and concrete crunch under my shoes. My body goes into auto pilot as I look around at all the houses. Why is everything the same? Why am I the only one that can see this invisible color? Is there anyone else like me, staying quiet? Soon enough I’m  standing next to the mailbox at the end of the sidewalk leading to the front door of this mysterious house. “House #499” with nothing following. Fear comes over me. What if the rumors are true? What if the people that live here are diseased? What if I catch it just from stepping on the porch? Will everyone know? Will I be able to go home? Then worse thoughts emerge through my sudden fright: What if they don’t open the door? What if no one can answer the questions that have been gnawing at me my whole life? 

          Hesitantly, I begin walking toward the porch. I study every inch of the property. Everything looks identical to every house in the neighborhood. Except the color. I’ve never been close enough to really look at it in detail. The color is deep; calming. Though my body is tense with anticipation my mind feels at ease staring at it. Is this the actual color or a shade of it? How does a color like this exist? Where can I find more of it? I stand in front of the door and press the doorbell. Seconds feel like minutes. Panic starts to rise in my throat as my greatest fear is coming true.


          The door slowly cracks open. The outside light reveals half a face peaking from within. A girl? Her face was soft and her cheeks were turning a darker shade. Blush. I think it’s called Blush. Her eyes at the same level as mine. Her eyes. They are the same color as the house; invisible. But a lighter shade and more vivid. They’re wonderful.

          The door slams shut as I’m broken from my gaze. I throw myself at the door. Pounding it with my fist.

          “What color?” I yell in desperation, remembering the reason why I’m here. “What color is your house?”

          I step back hoping that the door will reopen. I will see the girl with the wonderful invisible eyes and she will tell me. She will answer all my questions. The door doesn’t move. I look at the windows, searching for movement. Nothing. A note. A whisper. Anything would suffice. I stand on the porch. My mind restless. More questions floor my brain than ever. Who was she? Is she the figure that came from the car? Does she know the invisible color? Is she alone? I grab my head then pull my hands over my eyes, rubbing them. Trying to rub away the confusion. Maybe then things will be clear.

          “Tomorrow. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

to be continued….

– DevinDarling


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