New Years Resolution……. but really this time!

Last year I made a new years resolution to write my stories, thoughts, ect. on here at least once a week.

That seriously fell through….

It’s a new year. The start to this year was not as I expected. My best bet it to stay optimistic and to trust in God with what he is going to bring my way.

For Christmas I received a book filled with writing prompts. 642 Things to Write About by 826 Valencia. It is awesome! Some of the prompts are hilarious.

So. My new years resolution is to write as many prompts as I can. To keep the creative juices flowing and to grow as a writer. Hopefully, this will help me reach one of my life goal of writing and publishing a book.

I’m placing all my prompts in a category called 642 Series.

Some will be simple. Some complex. Some may have additional parts. Whatever will happen with these prompts, I’m excited to see what they will bring out in me.

Cheers to you and make the best of your new year!



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